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Vancouver Special

I had to get physical with him
because he was so good with his mouth—
like a Vancouver Special.

I felt like I was hallucinating.

It’s the kinda thing my mom would find sexy.


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At one point I was
addicted to this shit;
I didn’t want to look like an idiot or a fool.

It was getting annoying.

The whole balcony was shaking.

There was the one before the one,
I didn’t even recognize her face.

So fucking annoying.

Damn babies crying all the time.

I doubt she knew.
How would you even get there?


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Memory Loss

There’s a real slavery vibe, you know?
They say that you don’t remember
Christians as a minority.

I can’t help it, OK?!
They’re talking about missing people. . .
Timothy. Timothy!
It’s just a stupid black line,
It’s like she doesn’t even care if we fail.

I guess you’re right.


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Something Bigger

she’s never been pregnant.

It was the first time I tried it.

Why are we even doing it?
I’m working towards something bigger.

Ya can’t get’em started young enough;
fucking beer garden all night, man.


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I’m not happy most of the time.

It takes a lot of steps,
I could almost cry.
I’m kinda having the worst day;
I feel like I need more layers.

You made me walk all this way for that? You bastard.